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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Join us for an Easter Love Outreach!

The Bloom Tribe  ADOPT A COMMUNITY OUTREACH kicks off this Easter on April 15, 2017!

For the better part of 2017, we'll be adopting Ikate community in Surulere. Reaching out to families and continuing with them for their progress both materially and Spiritually.

In December, we initially planned to visit an orphanage in the area but on getting there, I realized it was an entire community that needed  to be reached out to; not just spiritually but materially as well and that birthed the vision for the "Adopt A Community Outreach." It's not enough for us to preach the gospel to them, we also need to join hands to cater to their material needs.

Our Goal
Our goal is to get to know members of these communities, relate with them and continue with these families for a few more months and see them progress both materially and most especially spiritually.

In each community, we hope to be able to take on projects like sponsoring a child to school, give a young adult meaningful employment, pay maternity bills etc.

The first leg to adopting Ikate is the Easter Love Outreach on April 15, 2017.  We'll be visiting Ikate with supplies and going into homes to meet families and tell them about Jesus, do something nice for them, get to know their specific needs and make plans to cater to them within our means. 

Location: 28 Owoseni Street, Ikate Surulere Lagos. 
-If you'll like to donate  gifts, food stuff, clothes, toiletries, money etc  kindly send us an email to: // or call 08157021400. We'll be very grateful for your generous giving!

-If you'll like to come along on any of our outreaches, follow us on  instagram @thebloomtribe to keep up with our plans as we progress. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Sew Seeds of Love Project!

This month, we are collaborating with Nedu of The Nedoux Sewing Club for a one-day sewing workshop where you can learn to sew children's clothing and dress a child in need.

 Register for the NSC x BT “Sew Seeds of Love Project”

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Community OUTREACH // Ikate, Surulere

I reached out to Nedu and Ofure earlier in 2016 to sew clothes for little girls and I was beyond excited when they responded and we started our love project to create these dresses just in time for Christmas! 

In December 2016. we visited Ikate community in Surulere Lagos. We were invited by an orphanage owner in the community so we planned to just visit them.


Upon arrival, It was clear that this is a place that we have to go back to. They live by a canal, most houses don't have mosquito nets, most of the children didn't have clothes on. They live in terrible conditions and they deserve so much better. Most of all, they need to learn about Jesus. They need hope to lead better lives.

We are going back to Ikate in February 2017 and that will be the mainstay of our love projects for the year, Check for different ways you can get involved HERE

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